Quing: pronounced [KW-ING] 

training perspective and technique:

dog training is an evolving field, that's what makes it so great. it keeps us searching and learning how to improve dog and dog-owner relationships. Quing Canine keeps up with the ever-evolving field of dog training by keeping an open mind and using a toolbelt of training techniques.

although Quing Canine follows an open-minded approach to dog training, owner Royah Nuñez considers themselves to be a balanced dog trainer. a balanced dog trainers use all 4 quadrants of learning when teaching a dog. Quing Canine understands the benefit of using training tools correctly like prong collars and electronic collars.

about the owner:

my name is Royah Nuñez and I've been training dogs for about 10 years. before creating Quing Canine in 2019, I worked for various training companies around New York City and Connecticut.

I created Quing Canine while homeless and living at the Women's Help Shelter in Brownsville Brooklyn in 2018. after moving out in 2019, Quing Canine has been my full-time career. Since its creation, Quing Canine has strengthened relationships with hundreds of dogs and their owners across New York City.

Quing Canine was featured in The New York Times and on the Netflix docuseries "The Future Of".