"Dog training is people training."

About Quing Canine

It’s deeper than dogs.

Dog training is about improving the lives of people.

Owner & trainer Royah Nuñez created Quing Canine in February of 2019 inside The BCS Transitional Living Community; a 30-bed section of the Brooklyn Women’s Shelter in East New York., and has been working with dog owners in New York City ever since.

Quing Canine is a Womxn Black Owned Business, focusing on Puppy Fundamentals, Basic Obedience, & Behavior Modification. 

 Royah began learning about dog behavior and training in 2008, teaching themselves by spending time at the public library & searching the web.

Starting in 2010, volunteering grew its way into working for various established dog training companies and shadowing trainers. Learning different techniques and working with families was the start of a new beginning.

Balanced Training Techniques

Dogs are living, breathing, emotional animals that should be treated with love & respect. Dogs feel love, pain, sadness, & fear. Quing Canine focuses not only on obedience, but also on relationship building. Dog training is not a one size fits all. Every dog is different & will require a different approach.  Quing Canine has a full scope of various techniques and will implement what is best for you & your dog.

Clear Communication, Bonding, & Consistency.

Balanced Dog Training is any approach to dog training which involves the use of both reward based techniques, and consequences. 

The trainer shows the dog that their choices & behaviors can result in either pleasant or unpleasant results. 

Start your dogs training journey with the help of rewards! Rewards can be treats or praise. Teaching new behaviors through goal driven learning is both enjoyable & effective. It helps your dog really know & understand a command/behavior before holding them accountable.

Introducing unpleasant consequences when reliability is needed is done in a careful and thought out method.     

Before using any training tool or technique, we make your dog has an opportunity to learn not only about the training exercise and the tool. After many repetitions your dog begins to view communication as a piece of valuable information.

That allows you to help them navigate the world and earn rewards.

 This helps to reduce the need for consequences, but also helps to ensure that if a consequence is applied the dog knows exactly why it happened, and what they can do to avoid it in the future.