Combined Boarding & In Person Programs To Build Your Skills

Be a part of the educational process with weekly hands on classes at Quing Canine and go home weekend practice during your dogs Hybrid Board N Train Program. Hybrid creates an easier transition back to your home by including dog owners in the learning process from the very beginning and throughout.

Quing Canine believes in individual focused learning with small classrooms.
There is a maximum of 2 dogs per program.

Visit your dog at Quing Canine once a week for a (1) hour hands on lesson.

Go Home Weekend/Weekday Practice begins on the 2nd week of the program.

Visit Quing Canine for your (1) hour hands on lesson and go home with them for 48 hours to practice what you’ve learned. If you are unavailable for Go Home Weekday/Weekend practice, your dog can stay at Quing Canine at the standard boarding fee.  

Return your pet to Quing Canine to complete the program and discuss anything you are struggling with.
Pick up and Drop off are available.


Hybrid Board N Train Packages

3 Week Hybrid Board N Train: $3,000

Additional Week: $650

Standard Overnight Boarding: $60