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Private Training

your home is our classroom

private training available for:
the pre-ownership program, puppy basics, behavior modification, and basic obedience

always in-person:
learn in your home, neighborhood, or pre-determined location

practical scheduling:
training lessons are 60 minutes & 
scheduled 1-2 weeks apart to give owners time to practice what was covered and make progress

membership benefits:
currently enrolled and completed graduates have access to vacation boarding & the walk & train program.

service areas

Quing Canine is based in Queens New York
& services the boroughs of Queens, 
Brooklyn, the Bronx, Manhattan, and Staten Island.

what's included

the training plan: a goal list of what will be covered during lessons and how we are going to get there, and a list of any training tools you need to purchase. although it is not written in stone, it is meant to keep training on track. you will receive the training plan after a completed training assessment. 

reference sheets & homework: receive homework after every lesson and reference sheets that cover the many areas of dog ownership and training education.  

training diploma: a display of achievement for both you and your dog.


the training assessment

talk with Royah in person or by phone/zoom and receive a training plan within 48 hours.
the training plan is a step-by-step goal list that keeps training on track.

training assessments must be in person for dogs needing behavior modification enrollment. behavior modification includes dogs struggling with aggression, reactivity, and anxiety.

go into detail about what you are looking to improve or create with your dog as Royah asks questions and takes notes. every dog & owner are different, we may not be a client+trainer match and that's okay! receive a referral to a better-suiting training professional if requested.

the training assessment fee is nonrefundable.

training assessment: $100 

once you receive your training plan, select your training package and schedule your first lesson.

for more information, pricing, and availability,
use the contact form below


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