Private Training

All private lessons are hands on in your home and neighborhood, so your trainer will always come to you.

Lesson programs are available for puppies & adult dogs.  

All lessons are spaced out 1-2 weeks apart to give owners time to work on what was covered and make progress at each lesson.

Training tools are available for purchase at your lesson.

Private Lessons Cover Basic & Advanced Obedience. These lessons can help address behaviors such as: Leash Pulling, Anxiety, Jumping, Fear, Reactivity, Puppy Behavior, Nervousness, Nipping, and much more.


A training consultation is required before moving forward with training


In-Person Training Consultation: $100

Meet Royah for a training evaluation and receive a custom training plan. Training plans explain the steps needed to reach our goal and keeps training lessons on course.

If we are not the right fit for each other you will be given a referral to a different training professional that better suits your needs, along with training advice that can be maintained in the meantime.

All prices are subject to 8.875% tax.
Consultation fees are non-refundable


Basic Dog Training Programs

Basic dog training lessons are 60 minutes long & can be scheduled 7-14 days apart. These lessons cover basic & advanced commands, leash walking, recall, behavior modification, addressing unwanted behaviors & much more.

Single Lesson: $160
(1) 60 Minute Lesson

5 Pack Lessons: $775
(5) 60-Minute Lesson

8 Pack Lessons: $1,250
(8) 60 Minute Lessons