Basic Obedience | Puppy Fundamentals | Behavior Modification

Learn with your dog & be a part of the journey!

In-person simply means what it is. I will be traveling to you - whether that's to your home or meeting elsewhere. Each lesson is 60 minutes. You will be given homework in between lessons. A consultation is required before moving forward with training. 

These lessons are for puppies & older dogs, covering:

  • House Training

  • Crate Training

  • Sit, Down, Stay, Wait, Place

  • Recall

  • Leash Reactivity

  • Proper Leash Walking

  • Greeting Other Dogs & People

  • Stopping Unwanted Behaviors i.e. Jumping, Biting, Barking

  • Impulse Control

  • Co-existing with other animals

  • Outdoor Obedience

  • Fear Based Anxiety


Kingdom Package: $425

Three in-person training lessons

Dynasty Package: $700

Single Lesson: $150

One in-person lesson

Five in-person training lessons

Empire Package: $1,100

Eight in-person training lessons

Consultation: $75 *required before beginning any individual or packaged lessons

* All prices are subject to 8.875% sales tax

Your trainer will come to you for a 30-45 minute assessment. During a consultation your trainer will interact with your dog, ask questions, determine if Quing Canine is the right trainer for you, and which training package would suit your needs best. Your trainer will prepare you with any training tools and routines/practices that need to be in place before training begins. If Quing Canine feels that we are not the right match, we will refer you to a different training professional. Consultation fees are nonrefundable.

In-Person Lesson Completion Benefits

Unlock Vacation Boarding: Vacation Boarding is available only to clients of Quing Canine. Once a training package is completed, your dog will have access to vacation boarding with Quing Canine. 

Discounted Refresher Lessons: Brush up on commands and behaviors with discounted refresher lessons within the first 6 months after a completed training package.