What Do In Person Trainings Cover?

In-Person trainings allow you to learn alongside your dog & in your own home

Whether you’re a first time dog owner or have dog owning experience, In-person lessons can help create a well rounded dog & an educated dog owner

In-Home Lessons are for puppies & adult dogs, covering:

  • House Training

  • Crate Training

  • Sit,Down, Stay, Wait, Place (with duration and distractions)

  • Recall

  •  Proper Leash Walking (with distractions)

  • Greeting Other Dogs & People

  • Stopping Unwanted Behaviors

  • Impulse Control

These lessons are also for dogs with behavorial issues such as:

  • General Anxiety 

  • Separation Anxiety

  • Aggressive Towards Humans and/or Other Animals

  • On/Off Leash Reactivity 

Homework is given in between lessons to provide instruction, practice, and a challenge

Prices & Packages

Have the option of enrolling in individual lessons or a package of lessons that fits your goals best

Each lesson is 60 minutes long

Packaged lessons include a discounted rate

Prices are subject to 8.875% tax

Consultations are required before moving forward with an individual or packaged lessons

Individual Lesson: $125

Schedule individual training lessons as you go


AKC CGC Evaluator Coming Soon..

Kingdom Package: $475

Four in-person training lessons meeting once per week

Dynasty Package: $725

Six in-person training lessons meeting up to 2x per week

Empire Package: $950

Eight in-person training lessons meeting up to  3x per week

Consultation: $75

Consultations are the first step towards training and are required before beginning any individual or packaged lessons

Your trainer will come to you for an assessment

During a consultation your trainer will interact with your dog, ask questions, determine if Quing Canine is the right trainer for you, and which training package would suit your needs best

Your trainer will prepare you with any training tools and routines/practices that need to be in place before training begins

If Quing Canine feels that we are not the right match, we will refer you to a different training professional

Consultation fees are nonrefundable