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Expert Dog Trainer NYC | Quing Canine: Boarding, Training & More

Based out of Queens New York, Quing Canine has helped dog owners create a better relationship through training and education.

My name is Royah and I'm the owner and trainer of Quing Canine. With over 10 years of training experience and counting, I've made it my purpose to help dogs and their owners.

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Royah, Owner and Trainer of Quing Canine, with Over 10 Years of Dog Training Experience

Training & Boarding Services

Peeping Dog

hybrid board & train

your dog can stay at Quing Canine and receive daily professional training. unlike typical board & and trains, dog owners are welcome to visit their dog during the training program for hands-on guidance & include 3 follow up lessons.

Peeping Pug

specialized boarding

not every dog can be boarded at a typical dog boarding facility. Some dogs require extra care, and individualized attention, or have specific needs & behaviors. That's why Quing Canine offers a home-style boarding experience that ensures your dog's safety, well-being, and education.

Peeping Puppy

in-person lessons

you have the convenience of learning at home and in your neighborhood, while your dog gets to participate in the training process right alongside you. in-person lessons are available in all boroughs of New York City. 

Training Philosophy

At Quing Canine, we believe in using food to create desirable behaviors and obedience in dogs, while also avoiding dependency on them. We recognize that dog training is primarily about training people to train their pets, meaning that an open-minded approach is key to success.

As a true balanced trainer, Quing Canine employs a range of techniques from various perspectives, acknowledging that dog training is not a one-size-fits-all approach. We are dedicated to ongoing education to learn all techniques and philosophy.

While we are not opposed to the use of tools in dog training, we prioritize educating dog owners on what is best for their beloved pets. Educating owners on what's best for their pets is a priority, with tools used when appropriate.

Client Reviews

Helping Dog Owners Build Better Relationships Through Training and Education
"She has really made a difference. Bear walks so much better on his leash and knows all his basic obedience and is just the best boy! I will definitely recommend her to anyone I know who is in need for training!
"An overall amazing experience! We needed serious help to housebreak our then 5 month old pup, Cookie. After only 3 weeks in Royah's training program, Cookie was 100% house broken. Hands down one of the best investments I ever made, and will be sending Cookie for training in other areas."

Bear & Cookie

Hybrid Board & Train Class of 2022


Quing Canine is fully bonded and insured by PCI Insurance

Royah has been featured in the New York Times  

and on the Netflix series "The Future Of"

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