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 The Hybrid Board & Train Program

Welcome to the Hybrid Board and Train Program, where your dog gets top-notch training while staying with me for at least three weeks. This setup is perfect for focusing on key training goals like basic obedience, recall, leash walking, house training, and anything else we decide on during our initial assessment.

You're required to visit each week of the training. These visits allow you to get hands-on with the learning and help you bond with your pup in the training environment. I’ll update you with regular photos and videos, so you’ll always know how your dog is doing.

Training happens in my home's comfy, familiar setting, making it a nurturing and realistic environment for your dog. At Quing Canine, I value keeping it real and open, welcoming you into my home just as warmly as I welcome your dog.

Receive unlimited in-person follow-up lessons where I come to you for the first 3 weeks after your dog returns home.

Key Features:


Board and Train:

Your dog will stay with me for at least 3 weeks, getting all the attention and training they need. This ensures they get a solid foundation with consistent training every day. You'll get lots of training videos to keep you in the loop.


Owner Visits:

First Week: Come see your pup and check out the training in action.

Second Week: Another visit to watch their progress and join in on some training.


Final Week: Before your dog heads home, one last visit for hands-on practice.


Owner Involvement:

I believe owners should be part of the training journey, so you’ll get to see where your dog plays, sleeps, eats, and learns. These visits help you feel connected and confident in the process.


Post-Program Support:

After your dog goes home, I offer unlimited in-person follow-ups for the first 3 weeks. This helps reinforce the training and makes sure everything goes smoothly at home.

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